Though Kim Kardashian may be the Helen of Troy of asses — her butt singlehandedly launching 1,000 BBLs — the reality star’s iconic behind has found itself in the limelight yet again, this time, evidently serving as the latest example, or perhaps catalyst, of the Great Celebrity Gyatt-acaust.

The SKIMs mogul may have likely intended to flaunt her cute, suede two-piece set in the snaps uploaded to her social media pages on Friday, however, her butt  — or brand-new lack thereof — found itself stealing the spotlight.

“What happened to her ass?” @prettyasslovee asked in a quote Tweet of Kardashian’s post.

Yet @prettyasslovee was far from alone in their — very on-brand — observation surrounding the ugly-crying icon’s butt. As her photos went viral, several others began questioning not only the TV star’s shifting appearance but what her shrinking booty means for the broader zeitgeist, asking if a whole generation of girlies underwent an extremely dangerous surgical procedure for nothing.

“She’s changed her body to a slim body,” wrote @futbolphanatics. “[S]peak for all the people she made feel insecure and changed their bodies.”

“I think it’s crazy how they treat bodies like a trend and just get liposuction and have implants removed when they feel it’s the in thing to be skinny again,” added @catmomxo.

So here’s to Kim K’s new booty: We can only hope she’ll include BBL reversal discount codes with each new SKIMS purchase — it’s getting hard to Keep Up with these flip-flopping beauty standards.