Back in 2021, a video was released of Zac Efron promoting Earth Day. However, something seemed a bit "off" if you will about Efron's face. That's when the internet began speculating that the actor had ruined his face by getting plastic surgery. 

Take a closer look.

Well, we now know the cause behind his transformation. It turns out Efron was running through his house and slipped on a pair of socks, sending him chin first into a granite countertop. The fall knocked him unconscious, and when he came to, his chin bone was hanging off of his face, the actor told Daily Mail.

He also revealed that his masseter muscles (the one that surrounds your jaw) swelled up to compensate for his injury. 

The internet can be a cold place for celebrities, and Efron was thrown under the metaphorical plastic surgery bus. And now that the truth has come out we want to credit Efron because, at the time, he didn't even realize he was trending. Good for him.