Poland has experienced a real “who watches the Watchmen”-style situation. In short, two ambulances crashed into each other — leaving a lot of people wondering what exactly they’re supposed to do in this situation.

According to local reports, both ambulances had their sirens on when they collided. One of those ambulances was carrying a patient at the time; both the patient and the driver of this ambulance were uninjured, while the driver of the other ambulance was taken to the hospital (by an Uber, we’re assuming).

Redditors, being Redditors, were quick to joke about the situation. “GTA ambulances be like,” joked one. “You gotta call the super ambulance. I think the number is 912,” offered another. “Ssshhh, they’re mating and we don’t want to disrupt their natural breeding attempts in the wild!” exclaimed a third.

In reality, who knows what one is supposed to do in this situation. Honestly, I’d probably just call another ambulance — and pray to whoever’s up there that this doesn’t happen again.