We’re lucky that Stephan A. Smith isn’t sick of our bullshit yet. Despite the fact that he’s a sports commentator, people on the internet keep peppering him with questions about things that don’t actually exist.

For example, earlier this month, someone asked him who his starting Pokémon would be out of the OG lineup. He chose Charmander, for the curious, though he did opt to call our fiery boy “shah-Mander.” Before that, he got into a prolonged argument with a caller about the movie Cars. I love sports!

Now, an X/Twitter user has hit Smith with another questionable query: Who would win in a street fight between Stuart Little and Remy from Ratatouille?

Smith doesn’t even hesitate before answering. “That’s an easy one. It’s Ratatouille,” he says, pronouncing the latter as “ra-ta-too-lay.” “If you were a boxer, for example, a UFC fighter, and you were a dude that wore silk pajamas, that was in a three-story single home, and you ate a full meal every [day], three times a day, and you lived a life of comfort — and you were going up against a street dude who's had to scratch and claw his way through life, all his life? Who do you put your money on, under those desperate situations? That’s Stuart Little versus Ratatouille.”

Smith goes on to call Remy a rat from the street, and details all of the trials and tribulations that Remy must have overcome that would make him an ideal candidate to pound the snot out of Stuart Little. I gotta say, he makes some good points.

Keep up the good work, Stephen A. Smith — I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on which chipmunk is getting the best head.