Using a leaf blower, this Irish man managed to put his father into a balloon. We’re still trying to figure out why.

In a video posted by a bloke named Tadhg Fleming (it’s a normal name in Ireland, trust us), he decides that he’s going to put his long-suffering father into a balloon. Over the course about three edited minutes, he does just that.

This isn’t an easy process. Multiple attempts are made to get the old man further into the balloon, and by the end, actually finishing the job requires assistance from Tadhg’s sister and repeated use of the leaf blower. This man lived through the Troubles — why are you making him do this?

No matter why Tadhg decided to do this, we have to appreciate his dad’s commitment to the bit. By the end, he’s dancing in the balloon, bumping up and down to the classic House of Pain track “Jump Around.” This, eventually, causes the balloon to pop, leading to laughs all around.

I’m not sure what’s going on over there in Ireland, but it’s safe to say that I love it.