Dudes love sticks. Walking through the woods and find a good stick? You know that’s getting picked up, maybe even swung around like a sword. A great stick? A perfect walking companion? Heck, that might even get brought home.

Some people, however, do not understand the beauty of the humble stick. One of these people is redditor ca_love56, who joined r/AskMen to ask, “What’s with the sticks?”

“My husband, son and I were sitting at a bench outside at a park eating lunch. While there my son found this stick, about 2ft and my husband commented how that was a nice stick. Pretty unremarkable to me,” she wrote. “After lunch he used our dog to distract me while my son snuck it into the car. When we got home I found the stick in our car.”

“Why bring it home?” she continued, clearly not understanding the simple joy of a stick. “It’s just a stick. I don’t get it. Is there a thing with guys and sticks?” She later posted a picture of the stick, revealing that it was, in fact, a good stick.

Commenters were quick to share their stick appreciation. “You can tell it’s a nice stick because of the way it is,” wrote one user. “A stick is like a cool rock. We are all simple boys at heart, even when we already grow up,” added another.

It still all seemed unclear to ca_love56, though. “My husband says it is good for poking. Poking what!?” she asked in a comment. “Stuff that needs poking,” replied a Redditor. Makes sense to me.

Sticks, rocks, cool leaves — scientists may never be able to tell why men love them so much. But one thing’s for sure: As long as there are sticks on the ground, there will be men to appreciate them.