The only thing worse than discovering your husband is having an affair? Discovering that your husband is having an affair with none other than your mom.

For TikTok creator @katenacious this isn’t the plot of a telenovela panned by critics for being too unrealistic, but rather, the reason why she called it quits with her former hubby.

After noticing several “red flags,” including the pair exchanging foot rubs, very touchy greetings and most alarmingly of all, fantasizing about her death and the death of her father, who was still married to her mother, @katenacious finally caught the pair red handed a few days after Valentine’s Day thanks to a tip from her grandma.

@katenacious How I found out my husband was having an affair with my mother PART 1 #cheater #cheaters #affair #mommyissues #adultery ♬ original sound - Katenacious

“I finally knew I wasn’t crazy when my grandmother, my mom’s mother, came to me and expressed that she had a feeling that something was going on between my mom and my husband,” she remembered.

Upon confirming their romance, which had gone on for roughly four months before they were caught, @katenacious, like any sane person, was out of there, packing her things and leaving their shared home.

“I left immediately with my children and the day — the night — that I left with my daughters, my mother moved into my house with my husband,” she continued. “They continued to play house until I served my husband with divorce papers that also stated that I would be filing for 100% custody of our children.”

Though @katenacious took a hard line approach to handling her cheating spouse, her father was a whole lot more lenient, accepting her mother back “with open arms” after her former husband kicked her to the curb.

“To this day, my parents act like the affair never happened,” she said. “In their words, the affair never would have happened if Katherine wasn’t such a ‘horrible daughter’ and ‘horrible wife.’”

We can only hope that someday, some wealthy Hollywood producer pays her a metric f–kton of money for her life rights — that’s a movie we’d love to see.