Every day I’m thankful I’m not married to a content creator who specializes in prank videos. I simply don’t have the constitution to withstand being frightened out of my skin for views every week. One long-suffering man isn’t so fortunate, however, and in a recent prank video, his partner went above and beyond by painting herself blue to blend in with the curtains in order to scare him.

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At the beginning of the video, you can see her painting herself blue before it cuts to her standing in front of the curtains, completely camouflaged with only her eyes and teeth visible — it’s a terrifying sight. Her partner then walks in, turning a blue light on the wall on before sitting in his gaming chair and putting his headphones on.

At this point, she smacks the lamp, making a noise loud enough to get his attention as he looks around the room and says, “Hello?” Not deterred, she then throws something at his chair, causing him to spin around, which is when she starts screaming.

He runs to turn the overhead light on, and we finally see her in all her blue glory as we can hear him off-camera trying to wrap his head around what he’s seeing, at one point saying, “Nobody knows what it’s like to have you as a girlfriend.”

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People loved the prank, particularly since it was relatively harmless and nobody was harmed just for the sake of TikTok views. Many commenters said it reminded them of Jenna Marbles’ prank where she painted herself to blend in with a couch, complete with chevron stripes on her face. Most commenters agreed that her partner was an incredibly good sport and handled it just how they would have. As one person wrote, “Refusing to turn around is exactly how I would also deal with what I presumed to be a ghost.”

It’s not a bad way to deal with clout-chasers either.