Though one angry flier may have been squarely located in the U S of A, she was still hellbent on causing an international incident on a recent domestic flight, threatening to singlehandedly spark World War III if she was forced to deplane.

“I am not leaving this plane, I will make an international incident,” she yelled at a crew member before insisting that she “didn’t do anything wrong.”

While this is clearly untrue — as we learned from the "that motherf–ker back there is not real" woman, people seldom get yeeted from flights for no reason, the wiley passenger doubled down accusing airline staffers of discrimination.

“I’m not gonna go! You wanna drag me by the feet like you guys did the Asian people? No!” she screamed. “I just wanna go to Cleveland that’s it.”

Though a visibly exasperated flight attendant attempted to talk her down, seemingly assuaging her that she could easily take a connecting flight to her destination, she refused to listen, continuing her reign of Midwestern Meemaw terror.

“I don’t need to be discriminated like that, ever, ever, ever!” she screamed. “You don’t know who I am! You don’t know my connections!”

It remains unclear whether or not the woman made it to Ohio — “Take me to Cleveland, that’s all I’m asking!” before screaming at the a-hole flight attendants” — yet we can only hope the people of the Buckeye State are properly prepared to handle this Karen to end all Karens.