The hottest accessory in Paris this Fashion Week? A leg full of bedbug bites.

Though Paris Fashion Week may have officially come to a close on Monday, influencer Jihoon Kim took home a whole lot more than just style inspo from the bi-annual event, flaunting a leg full of bedbug bites as the pests continue their reign of terror on the French capital.

@jihoon Replying to @Solena ♬ original sound - Jihoon Kim

“What the, It’s all over my leg and the other leg as well” she explained in a video depicting her bites in reply to a fan advising her to “be careful” of “bedbugs on public transport.” “it’s so f—king itchy!”

Though it’s unclear whether any of the bugs in question caught a ride back to Kim’s Berlin residence — “I’ve been checking my bags to make sure I don't carry any of them home,” she said  — the creator offered a stern word of warning to anyone looking to visit the City of Light in the near future.

“Be careful on the metro!” she implored her viewers. “I took the Metro once, I was in jorts and look at my legs.”

We can only hope that Kim — as well as anyone returning from Paris — can sleep tight without letting the bedbugs bite.