On a recent trip to Chop’t, one woman is claiming that she got more than a terrible, overpriced salad. According to SF Gate, Allison Cozzi of Greenwich, Connecticut alleges that her salad contained not only (probably) wilted lettuce and dry chicken, but part of an employee’s finger.

Per a lawsuit filed earlier this week, Cozzi purchased a salad from a Chop’t location in Mount Kisco, New York. While eating it, she realized something was amiss — specifically, that she was “chewing on a portion of a human finger that had been mixed in to, and made a part of, the salad.”

“According to the suit, a manager at the restaurant accidentally severed a piece of her left pointer finger while chopping arugula,” reads a report from News 12. “The manager went to the hospital but the contaminated arugula was served to customers, including Cozzi, the lawsuit says.”

I know, pics or it didn’t happen — but there are reasons to believe that at least part of her story is true. For example, according to News 12, Chop’t was fined $900 following the alleged event, though it’s unclear if that was for a different health code violation or for the whole finger thing.

After biting into the finger, the lawsuit states that Cozzi “suffered injuries like shock, panic attacks, migraine, cognitive impairment, nausea, dizziness and neck and shoulder pain as a result of eating the contaminated salad.” Not sure how the neck and shoulder pain play into this, but the woman bit into a goddamn finger so we’re going to cut her a little slack.

The lawsuit doesn’t say how much she’s looking to get from this, but if she’s telling the truth, she could be in for a fat payday. Only time will tell how this all plays out — but for the time being, Chop’t really needs to watch what they’re chopping.