Most people probably aren’t expecting romantic surprises from their situationships, but what about a romantic surprise in the middle of a mental breakdown? Like something out of a sitcom, one unlucky TikToker had that exact experience late last year when her FWB broke into her house to surprise her, only to catch her at her lowest possible moment.

its the “what are you doing” for me…

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Over the top of a video, Sarah from Chicago writes, “If you’re having a bad day, just know that my situationship broke into my apartment, tried to get a cute video surprising me with presents and dinner, and instead caught me in the middle of a mental breakdown.” In the video, we see Sarah walk into the room looking fairly forlorn and sniffling, only for her situationship to ask, “What are you doing?” At this point, she screams and covers her face, and it’s evident she’s been crying.

Commenters had a field day with Sarah’s misfortune, with one person asking if she was in a situationship with Joe Goldberg, while dozens of others wanted to know why she was sad and if the man in question was responsible for her distress. Many people were concerned about the home invasion aspect, but Sarah clarified that he was watching her cats and thus had a key.

Others argued that this wasn’t a situationship — he’s watching your cats, he has a key to your place and he’s surprising you with gifts and dinner? Honestly, I agree with them: This is a man who wants to be your boyfriend. Several people shared tales of their own situationships, which only served to emphasize just how much this isn’t one. For instance, one girl’s situationship stole her car battery; yet more have the nasty habit of disappearing without a trace. Replying to @Kee Gee ♬ original sound - Sarah In Chicago

In a follow-up video, Sarah clarified that it is indeed a situationship, and that it’s a tough subject, and “that’s all I’ll say about that.” She shared more details of his gesture, including bringing her Chick-fil-A and laying it out on the bed alongside her Christmas presents, and revealed why she was crying (it had nothing to do with him). This follow-up video resulted in more people asking why on earth he was still a situationship and they hadn’t made it official yet, but unfortunately, it looks like we’ll never know. If only other people would let us run their lives for them, we’d have these two married by 2025.