If you recognize this room, you might just be fucking a fuckboi.

Despite the many methods of flagging a douchebag – strategically placing hair ties and used fake eyelashes throughout their S.O.’s abode for others to find  – TikTok has taken the beloved past time into the 21st century with the “does anyone recognize this room?” trend.

Swapping tiny lip glosses for video clips, the premise behind this new method of fuckboi identification is simple. Upload a video depicting your partner’s – or prospective partner’s – bedroom. Add a caption asking if anyone on the platform finds their home a little too familiar. Let the replies dictate whether your FWB is actually BF material.

Within its few weeks of TikTok fame, this new “to catch a fuckboi” method has proven very effective, as influencer @mikaylaoleksykk knows all too well.

@mikaylaoleksykk Im actually so serious pls lmk #help #lol #fyp ♬ original sound - Jaheiim

@mossrecovery_official #greenscreenvideo #greenscreen SHE HAD THE RECEIPTS READY THOUGH. OH MY GAWD IM CRYIN #receipts #PROOF #THETEASPILLED #TEA #DRAMATOK #FYP ♬ original sound - Maranda Maus

@respectfrancisco Anyone #joke #PartyWithVMAs #infranciscowetrust #viral #blowthisup #mexican #fyp #fypシ #trend #room #recognize ♬ original sound - logan

@aliciabdnrz Tell me if you do. #fyp #cheater ♬ original sound - Jaheiim

@brownmia3 do you recognize this room or am I good to go? #couple #datinglife ♬ original sound - Jaheiim


This trend

♬ original sound - Jaheiim

“Before I say yes to being his gf – does anyone recognize this room?” she asked in one of the trend's most viral iterations, amassing upwards of 1.6 million likes in its first week on the site.

With thousands of comments analyzing the candles and cleanliness of his room – “might wanna check if he got a girl bsf,” commented @anna_karrin citing his mirror and white blanket – and others accusing him of living in an Airbnb, @mikaylaoleksykk finally got her answer.

“Officially single,” she captioned a video uploaded the following day, thanking her followers for their insights in the caption.

@mikaylaoleksykk Replying to @Alysia yeah thank yall for everything i know some were jokes though #fypシ #thank #u ♬ wicked games - BRING THE 707 OUT

TikTok – the antidote to the modern fuckboi.