Though the Arkansas State Red Wolves and Southern Miss Lady Eagles may have meant to hoop it out in a women’s basketball game, they wound up sparring in an MMA match instead, their game devolving into an all-out-brawl over a rebound ball.

The two southern teams faced off at the Reed Green Coliseum in Hattiesburg, Mississippi on Thursday, a run-of-the-mill game that quickly took a turn for the “WORLD STAR” after a post-whistle push grew into a full-on fight.

While the skirmish began as a showdown between Red Wolves forward Emma Imevbore and Lady Eagles guard Domonique Davis, several of her Southern Miss teammates decided to take a stand, hopping from the bench to give the Arkansas player a taste of their wrath.

The brawl only grew from that fateful moment, appearing to take over the Mississippi team’s entire bench, coaches and fans alike falling into the mix. The ordeal ended a few seconds later, ultimately prompting five players and three fans to land an ejection from the game.

Southern Miss was still able to nab the W, ultimately beating Arkansas State 57-48, however, coach Joye Lee-McNelis was less-than-thrilled about the incident, describing it as “very, very, very unfortunate” in a post-game chat.

“I believe that in every incident you have in life, you learn. You may not like the consequences, but you’re going to learn from them,” she said. “I think that, which we do not believe we should have done, it won’t happen again. It will not happen again.”

But who knows — if the WNBA doesn’t work out, these ladies could easily join the WWE.