Name a more iconic duo than Mexican food and the Queen of OnlyFans. One of Mexico's highest-paid OnlyFans creators, Karely Ruiz most definitely knows her audience. The adult content star teamed up with Tortilleria Ruby for a collaboration of epic proportions.

The model has taken her talents to the tortilla game. The tortillery located in San Andrés Tuxtla, in Veracruz, is known for their themed tortillas. So it only made sense to team up with Karely.

They cost 15 pesos for 10 tortillas, but clearly, the draw is social media exposure. Not even for Ruiz at this point but more for the restaurant itself. Karely currently has 7.3 million Instagram followers and charges $16/month for her OnlyFans content.

Parents don't fret, Tortilleria Ruby offers plenty of alternative tortilla designs for children including, but not limited to baby Jesus, Batman, Santa, Superman, and more.