One cheating husband got a free slice of humble pie during a night out with his purported mistress after his wife decided to confront them, crashing their romantic dinner plans.

“Hey!” she said, approaching their table, the woman’s camera-toting pal lagging a few feet behind.

‘Hey, how are you?” the husband awkwardly replied, sheepishly glancing back at the camera person.

Man caught red handed by his wife.
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Though at first they both tried to brush off the awkward interaction, the husband insisting that the two were just “having dinner” and his alleged mistress describing herself as “a friend,” their story — much like the cheating hubby’s marriage — began to unravel.

“This is crazy, right? Meeting you here,” she said to the pair before questioning whether the possible mistress was a “work friend.”

Though the duo played along, arguing that they knew each other from work, the woman wasn’t buying their excuses.

“So you're gross. You are disgusting,” she concluded.

We can only hope the husband’s patio dinner — and marriage-destroying affair — were worth the years and spousal and child support.