One horny couple took the concept of riding the bus a little too literally, deciding that the perfect venue to get freaky was on a crowded, public bus in broad daylight.

Though they attempted to be coy with their coitus, hooking up in the last row of seats, they were quickly caught by fellow riders, one of whom gave them a very angry, — and very Aussie — scolding.

“Listen brother, you don’t f—k on the bus, mate!” yelled the irritated passenger. “I don’t care if you’re f—king homeless, don’t f—k on the bus!”

Though one member of the couple attempted to counter these claims by stating they had Autism, the man behind the camera clearly was having none of these excuses.

“I don’t care if you have Autism, it doesn’t mean f—k on the bus” he yelled before banhsing the pair to literally anywhere that isn’t public transportation. “Get the f—k off and go f—k in the park or something!”

Remember: All is fair in love and war … except turning the bus into your own personal sex dungeon.