Though LiveLeak may be dead and buried – pun intended — one murderous YouTuber decided to bring back the gory traditions of that bygone site, decapitating his father and flaunting his detached head in a now-deleted clip.

On Tuesday night, Justin Mohn was arrested after posting an extremely graphic clip to the Alphabet-owned video platform, launching a political tirade emphasized by part of his deceased dad’s corpse.

'Violence is the only solution to the federal government's treason,” Mohn reportedly said in the video, hoisting a plastic baggie with his father’s severed skull in a plastic bag. “This is the head of Mike Mohn, a federal employee of over 20 years and my father. He is now in hell for eternity as a traitor to his country.” In addition to ranting about his father, Mohn attacked Joe Biden's administration, the Black Lives Matter Movement and the LGTB+ community and called for the execution of all federal employees. 

The 14-minute video, in which he also placed his dad’s head in a cooking pot, was viewed roughly 5,000 times before it was removed. Mohn’s mother reportedly contacted authorities, who ultimately apprehended and arrested the 32-year-old at a nearby National Guard base, per CNN. He is being held without bond.

So take it from Mohn — don’t kill anyone, but if you do, don’t post it on the internet.