19 Tweets and Reactions to the Kamala Harris Joe Biden Replacement Theories

Weeks after Vice President Kamala Harris went viral for asking her constituents whether we "think [we] just fell out of a coconut tree?" While retelling one of her mother’s stories, we finally discovered the actual “context of all in which [she] lives” — a bid not at four more years in the Naval Observatory, but in the White House.

This theory all began on Monday, when Harris, the sitting Vice President, headed to Twitter with a message for her followers ahead of Super Tuesday.

“History is a relay race,” the post began, the text pasted atop a snap of the VPOTUS walking with her hand positioned behind her. “Generations before us carried the baton. Now, they have passed it onto us.”

Yet more so than the post’s thesis — “Let us continue to fight. And let us make some good trouble along the way,” it concluded — several fans gleaned a whole different meaning from her post: Vice President Harris is gunning to be promoted.

“I didn’t buy it before but she is 100% replacing him at the convention,” @jackcalifano wrote alongside the snap.

“When she replaces him and loses imma laugh yall im so sorry. Haven't we all watched Veep?!” joked @youdoingtoomuch while @sarah_in_ny offered an extremely well-warranted threat.

But as the world speculates on what, exactly, our ballots will look like come election day,  @Juicewag: said it best: “If anyone thinks this and wants to make bets in the range of $25,000-$50,000 I’d be happy to shake on it.”

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