20 Morbid Facts You Won't Soon Forget

The world can be a strange and horrible place, as proven by these 20 gloomy stories from the Twitter page Morbid Knowledge. Be it critical accidents, war crimes, regular crimes, or hair-raising accounts, these troubling tales might leave you questioning your morals. 

One of this gallery's more spectacular stories comes from its very first image, which shows a British man taking a selfie with the person holding his plane hostage. Wearing what everyone thought was an explosive vest, the hijacker demanded that the plane be rerouted from Cairo to Cyprus. Fortunately, the vest turned out to be fake, but what appears to be a lighthearted selfie quickly gains a dark undertone with context. Leave it to the Brits to be overly cheery and forward in the face of possible doom.

A very different striking photo comes after surgeons removed numerous metal objects from a woman's stomach. Suffering from pica disorder, the woman felt compelled to ingest the items, which included everything from a pocket knife to some nails. Fortunately, she was able to make a full recovery. Check out those, and 18 other dark stories from this troubling gallery of ominous facts. 

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