16 Easter Eggs From Movies That Were Hidden In Plain Sight

There is so much that goes in to making a movie, that when the directors manage to squeeze even more out of the story to include those tiny details we most likely won't even notice, it's something special. But those little details, or easter eggs, are celebrated by fans and eagle-eyed watchers, and make the movie all that more special.

When a writer puts in the time to include easter eggs, it often shows that they have a strong understanding of the characters and setting of their movie. The sets, backgrounds, costumes, and all the other tools at the disposal of a film making crew must work in synch to produce a true masterpiece, and with so many people involved it makes sense that each person would like to leave their mark on the movie. But when those units coordinate to the level that is required to pull off a well executed easter egg, it shows an attention to detail that is bound to mean good things for the film overall.

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