19 Questionable Life Hacks That Might Just Work in a Pinch

Life can be a tricky thing to navigate for pretty much anyone. We often stumble into situations that require skills or knowledge we may not yet possess. Sometimes it is our own fault like a failure to prepare or investigate a situation before we get involved in it, other times it may be something that sprung up on us and no one is to blame. Life Hacks have been a popular trend on the internet, usually offering insider information or experienced-based tips and tricks to make things a little easier on you.

However, not all advice is good advice. Most of us can probably relate to this statement as we all have taken advice from a loved one, a friend, or a relative that didn't pan out and may have even made the situation worse than it originally was. That being said, I urge you to make sure you don't confuse these pieces of "badvice" with actual life hacks that will make life easier. Some of these are so bad, they're good.

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