20 Dark Celebrity Facts That Might Change How You Feel About Them

Most celebrities have teams of PR people who work around the clock to make sure they maintain spotless images. But some public figures have skeletons in the closet that sneak past those efforts and onto their record. Here are 20 celebrities that you might like, but have some dark history behind them. Do these facts change your opinion of them? That's up to you.

Jackie Chan is about as beloved an action movie star as there has ever been, and there is no doubt about the impact his movies had on the genre. But when it comes to his personal and political beliefs, it's harder to be a fan. Chan is a strong supporter of the ruling Communist Party of China, and has stated that he has no issue with some of their more extreme policies, including censorship. He also disowned his own daughter after she came out to him as a lesbian, and remains completely cut off from her. She has only negative things to say about him. 

Jon Hamm is also a beloved actor in his own right, but back in his college days was asked to leave the University of Texas after being implicated in a hazing scandal that left the victim needing medical care. The victim claimed that Hamm lit his jeans on fire, among other things. So, what do you think about him now?

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