20 Survival Myths That Will Get You Killed

Surviving in a crisis situation is not always easy or straight forward. That's why we get survival tips: to help us boil it down to the essentials and give us a better chance to survive. That is, until all of the tips and tricks we get turn out to be myths. Myths that can get us killed. Here are 22 survival myths that will get you killed.

Now in reality, the best piece of survival advice you can get is to never find yourself in the sticky situation to begin with, requiring common sense and a tendency not to decide to do stupid things. That being said, sometimes crises are unavoidable, and it is good to have the best pieces of advice we can have. Unfortunately, as evidenced by this thread, and by the way the world works, not every piece of advice we get is truthful. In an effort to dispel that misinformation, here are 22 survival tips that go against the status quo to help you not get killed.

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