22 Totally Cringe Facepalms and Fails

If you spend any time on the internet at all, and I know you do, then you've probably already lost faith in society. But in classic internet fashion, we can still laugh at our immanent demise, and this collection of fails and facepalms from the past few weeks is a perfect combination of wt(f) and lmao.  

It has become a bipartisan issue that politicians should stop profiting quite so much off of their insider knowledge. They say they aren't, but insane portfolios and wealth growth say otherwise. Kyrsten Sinema has gone from a net worth of $30,000 to $11 million in four years, despite the annual salary of a congressperson in her position being $200,000. Now that's nothing to turn your nose up at, but it doesn't make you a double-figure millionaire in just four years. I'd love to know where that money came from, and which policies have been put in place to make sure officials keep getting it. That's a major facepalm. 

But as the government falls apart, so does everything else, and you can laugh at the state of everything from LinkedIn lunatics to a boyfriend who refuses to wipe himself. Here are 22 totally cringe facepalms and fails. 

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