26 Comments That Really Nailed It

The internet is like a city. Sure, we have our own little neighborhoods where we spend most of our time. We'll wander about, skirting through obscure sections of the internet like remote alleyways, going down rabbit holes of personal interest. But, every now and then, we'll gather in a public square. A forum. And then we'll post something, for all the internet-world to see. And, as you'll learn, when you do that, you may have to deal with some uninvited wisdom from the crowd.

And that wisdom can have some real bite to it. Some kick. Because the internet exposes your own thoughts and statements to a wider audience than you'd sometimes expect, and there are some hawkeyed sharpshooters out there who know how to hit a bullseye at a distance. And destroy their targets with words.

So, if you don't want to end up like one of the victims below, pay heed to the savagery on display and keep it in mind next time you put something out into the internet-world.

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