18 Perfect Clap Backs To Creepy Messages

Women always say that the bar is low these days, but for a lot of men it can be hard to conceptualize what that means. These messages however give a glimpse into the awful and creepy messages that so many people have to deal with while navigating the ever complex world of online dating.

It is absolutely insane what many people thing they can get away with saying on these apps. Perhaps it comes from the relative anonymity provided by the online world, perhaps from a flawed sense of what is desired by the opposing sex based on societal stereotypes, or perhaps most likely from the simple fact that these people are just dumb creep jerkoffs.

The question forever remains, do these people really think their messages will work? Have they ever been successful this way? Do they really think that they're such hot stuff they can get away with any of it? Does the fact they've probably never seen any action tip them off to the fact that something might not be going right? It's impossible to say, but no matter what these poor recipients had the best clap backs and comebacks to the stupid creeps.

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