36 WTF Pics That Are The Epitome of Cringe

The internet and social media can be the wild west at times. Sure it is filled with useful information, cool videos, interesting facts, a literally endless space of entertainment and education. It can also be a cesspool, a dark void filled with the worst of the worst of humanity. One such corner of the web is social media. There are obvious and glaring problems that have spawned from social media sites like depression and misinformation to physical danger and harm to scams and fraud. Seeing people share only the best and most glamorous aspects of their life can leave a person feeling unfulfilled and dissatisfied with their own lives.

To counter those feelings and bring some balance to the table, check out this batch of people who posted some questionable and truly WTF things online. Next time you feel bummed because a post of yours didn't do well or no one seemed to care about what you had to say, you can take some solace in knowing "hey, at least I didn't post any of these jacked-up sh*tposts!"
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