'Big Beautiful Women Please Apply': Recruitment Sign Plays Tricks On the Eyes and Prompts Many a Spit-Takes

Bed Bath & Body Works is known for its incredibly sweet-smelling household products and friendly staff. But why exactly do all of its retail workers seem so happy? One of their job recruitment posters might offer up some clues, as it appears to ask prospective employees to "Join our team at" Are Bed Bath & Body Works employees getting some sloppy toppy under the cover of scented candles and Christmas carols?

Well of course not - I hope. The poster, which was recently shared to the r/recruitmenthell and r/funny subreddits, is a classic case of poor font choice and kerning, (the spacing between letters). Except, even knowing what the sign is supposed to say - as seen in a version below with more appropriate font choice - the website hardly seems clear of lewd connection. According to the Urban Dictionary, BBW stands for "Big beautiful women, THICC bitches or plus size women." You know, the kind they got down in San Antonio. As one user commented, "BBW Jobs is actually funnier than blow jobs."

While neither Bed Bath & Body Works version quite holds a torch to Blackberry parent company Research in Motion's old, it's still one hell of a recruitment pitch. And hey, maybe it really is the BBWs keeping all those salespeople happy.

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