Bullying Entitled Debt Collectors Is Our Favorite Pastime

Revenge is a dish best served 'called.'

Thanks to the subreddit Petty Revenge, we've found one of the best examples. I'd say leaving 600 voicemails is petty enough, don't you think?

Our hero in this story is an attorney who happened to receive a phone call and subsequent voicemail from a curious number. If you're like me and have tried dealing with debt collectors, you know that they are slimy and disgusting humans.

They use manipulation and trickery to contact and harass you for money. So our attorney friend called back to find out that yes, they were indeed looking for money from his ex-wife of 8 years. And that it was somehow his responsibility to contact her.

No. Absolutely not.

As they tend to do, these debt collectors gave him some attitude and eventually hung up. They wouldn't answer his return calls, so with a little elbow grease and a re-dial app, he began leaving voicemails.

Over 600 to be exact. Maybe these debt collectors will think twice before hanging up on this guy ever again.
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