Entitled Parents Pawn Their Kids off onto Grandparents for 4 Years

If you want to be a parent, that's your prerogative. But don't then dump YOUR children onto your own parents, because you 'need a break.'

Unfortunately according to an 'Am I the Asshole' post on Reddit, that's exactly what happened to these grandparents.

According to the author, their children approached them about 5 years ago asking if they would be willing to offer support in the form of daycare/childcare. The grandparents agreed, as they were still in their late 50s early 60s.

Both grandparents were close to retirement, but allocated funds and (more importantly) time to help their children and ultimately raise their grandchildren. Yet after 3 years of this, it just felt like they were being taken advantage of.

So the grandparents reached out to the internet for opinions and suggestions. As the daughter had mentioned that they were planning on having EVEN MORE children. This triggered the question. Are the grandparents a**holes for not wanting their children to have any more kids. Knowing that they'll basically be stuck raising said kids...
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