Incompetent Boss Sabatoges Himself By Demanding Employee Only Work Scheduled Hours

There's nothing better than getting back at an awful boss, and this person did it in the most simple, and most petty way. After covering for way too long for a different manager not doing their job, and getting blamed for it, this employee decides to take matters into their own hands and get the simplest revenge.

Working a night shift that is supposed to be 8 1/2 hours, this employee decides to do just that, and without covering for the other supervisor, works the normal shift. The chaos that ensues doesn't just prove the value of our protagonist, but also the sea of incompetence around the rest of the company, resulting in a boss's demotion, and vast overspending in new hires. One could call this petty revenge but is it even? To be considered revenge, somebody has to do something beyond basic normality to get back at somebody else. This person instead got back at their boss by doing the job their boss employed them to do. The irony is beautiful. If only all work disputes could be solved in this manner.

This story comes from Reddit, and was found on CHEEZburger.

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