Beekeeper Gets Stung in the Butt

We all love honey, but what it takes to actually get it is insane.


We all love honey, but what it takes to actually get it is insane.

Simply put, bees are designed to be assholes — while they may pollinate and provide many other benefits for a local ecosystem, they also have a massive stinger that they’re eager to plunge into you just because you decided to enjoy a Coke in their dojo. That’s why the idea of beekeeping is so strange. Yes, we all want that sugary syrup, but does it really need to involve exposing yourself to hundreds of jerks with something to prove?

Apparently, it does — and sometimes, that can end badly.

In this video, a man appears to enter a swarm of bees while wearing protective gear. But, as many a beekeeper will tell you, that protective gear isn’t flawless, and sometimes, a nasty little bugger can make its way inside.

That seems to be what happened here. Some creature got into the suit, and rather than sting somewhere minor, it went right for the ass.

Before anyone comes after me, yes, I know that those are probably not bees, but hornets. It’s more than likely that this guy has been tasked with clearing these assholes out rather than tending to them like a beekeeper would. Still, it’s wild to see the dangers that come with this job. If I were offered a career that involved a strong possibility of my ass getting covered in hornet stings, I would just continue working at CVS.

My advice? Avoid bees and hornets at all costs — or at the very least, make sure to better cover your ass.

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