Dude Removes His Prosthetic Legs Mid-Fight and Still Destroys His Opponent

"He used his disadvantage to his advantage." 

We don't know where to start with this one, just watch it and let the wild chain of events wash over you like a big bong hit. What starts as a simple street fight, sans young teenager with prosthetic legs, ends in a wrestling match on the pavement, but it's the events in between the beginning and end that make this a street fight unlike any we've ever seen. 

After a short back and forth, the man with the fake legs takes a risk he, and only he, could make. He takes off his legs. Bold. And though you'd assume this would put him at a disadvantage he didn't see it that way. 

It's from this point on the man with legs should have been cautious. Something was about to happen that would forever change the standing-up man's life, a sentiment we will take with us for as long as we live. If you fighting a man fak legs and in the middle of the fight he takes those legs off, you need to make peace and walk away. 

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