Former VFX Worker on 'The Flash' Explains Why Its CGI Sucks

DC's highly anticipated The Flash has finally released to mixed reviews, and a disappointing $55.1 million earned at the box office in the U.S. and Canada during its three-day debut. An anonymous industry insider even called that number "an unmitigated disaster."

While the movie hasn't been slammed by audiences or critics, an oversaturation of superhero movies combined with significant backlash against the movie's star Ezra Miller have come together to make The Flash a surefire flop. 

Aside from its main casting, fans were also highly critical of the movie's cgi. @AndresMendezGo3 on Twitter even said it looked like "PlayStation 2 goofy graphics."

The animation TikToker No The Robot worked on The Flash's VFX team, and spoke about why the visuals looked so unrefined. 

"Movie studios don't care about good cgi," he said. "They increase the pressure on these artists to deliver faster and faster results."

He described calling on artists to work overtime and weekends, and quitting after three months as a result.

"If it looks like a VFX shot in The Flash was made in a week," he said, "it's probably because it was."

Like Planet Peterson joked, "So you’re saying they made the VFX….. in a flash?" 

@no_the_robot The bad CGI in #theflash is just the tip of the iceberg. Poor VFX in superhero movies is all too common, and theres a reason for it. Not every movie can be Avatar, but Marvel, DC, Warner Bros, Disney, and Sony can all do something about it. They just choose not to. #vfx #vfxartist #animation #marvel #dcuniverse #batman #nicolascagesuperman #greenscreen #Inverted ♬ original sound - No The Robot
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