Guy Breaks World Record For Most Pine Boards Broken With His Nuts

If your nickname is "The Horse," you better be well-endowed. But that's not a problem for Zac "The Horse" Gordon, who's made a career out of having balls of steel. 

Last month, Gordon broke the Guinness World Record for "Most pine boards broken between the legs from a single jump." In other words, how many wood planks can you break with your nuts? Gordon has also shown off his talents on "America's Got Talent," “Most Outrageous Moments,” and “Country Fried Home Videos.” 

“When I was little I used to fight with my little brother," Zac said. "He’d try to take any advantage he could and he’d start kicking me there. I realized [anyone] else would fall down, but I could take it and keep going.”

“There was this toy spring horse on a playground made out of metal," Zac continued. "I let it hit me in the crotch. I ran around screaming, but a normal person probably would have been in the hospital. That’s when I realized, not only can I take a kick, I can take a crazy amount of force.” 

Zac is a happy stay-at-home father of two daughters. Perhaps more than anyone else in the world, Zac Gordon can brag about having balls of steel. 

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