Kid On the Field Gets Absolutely Smoked by Ball During Home Run Derby

Last night's All-Star Game Home Run Derby was a thrilling affair that saw Toronto's Vladimir Guerrero Jr. take down Tampa Bay's Randy Arozarena in the final round. But while the eight derby participants combined for 341 home runs across the event, a Guerrero Jr. 115.8 mph line drive that stayed in the yard was just as noteworthy. 

For many years, the MLB has allowed kids to catch fly balls on the field during the derby, but that decision has been called into of late. Just two years ago the derby was paused to help a young shagger hobble off the field after being struck by a Pete Alonso line drive. Last night, Guerrero Jr.'s missile appeared to knock a kid out cold. 

These aren't pop-ups on a little league field; they're frozen ropes off the bats of the world's premier sluggers. 12-year-olds just aren't equipped to handle 100-plus mph projectiles flying toward their faces, and with the derby's new rapid-fire pacing, even an experienced player could find themselves looking the wrong way. 

Fortunately, this kid appears to be ok, and he has the shiner of a lifetime to show for it. But next year, can we please get the kids off the field?

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