Surfer Ducks Under a Wave, and Comes Face-to-Face With a Great White

When messing around in the ocean, sometimes it's best if you don't think about the expanse beneath you... and what lives down there

"Pro tip: if you close your eyes you can’t see a shark," Max Anderson wrote on TikTok.

The reason? This video of a surfer ducking under a wave, and coming face-to-face with a great white shark

"I just inked like an octopus," danstierman commented.

Duck diving is the practice of ducking underneath waves to evade their full force before you find the perfect one to surf. But this surfer featured on the Surf tok TikTok might want to just hop on the next wave out of there no matter what. 

Shark attacks against humans are rare, but surfers can face a higher risk of attack. According to honest surf, "Surfboards have a very similar outline to seals when viewed from the perspective of a shark looking up at the surface of the water," and can confuse sharks into attacking. But as suggested above, there is one solution. 

"I don’t open my eyes when I duck dive," echo!! commented. "If you don’t see it ain’t there." 

@surftok02 We can all agree that this has happen to every surfer before #foryoupage #surfing #surftok02 #edit #duckdive #dolphin ♬ Hvitserk's choice - Trevor Morris
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