Thief Gets Caught Hot-wiring Car, Tries to Argue It’s Super Chill

The only thing worse than catching a thief trying to steal your car is catching a rude thief trying to steal your car, a lesson one car owner learned firsthand after catching a surprisingly pleasant thief trying to steal his car. 

"Record me, hey bro, record me" the thief says while being filmed by the owner of the car he's currently trying to steal. "Yeah I took that off," he says, about a missing plate on the car's dashboard. "Go ahead, question me, I'm not going to lie to you," he continues, fully owning up to the fact that yes, he's currently trying to hot-wire this dude's car.  

"What are we doing here? Can I get in my car and get out of here?" asks the owner, clearly shocked by the whole ordeal. 

"Oh yeah, totally, I'll get out of here, what did you think I was going to attack you?" the hot-wirer says before the video ends. 

So let this be a lesson, just beacuse someone is doing a bad thing, that doesn't mean they are a bad person. 

@shockosean He literally asked for a ride home after this #la #car #meme #fail ♬ original sound - shockosean
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