Woman Calls Police to Confront Alleged Peeping Tom Landlord

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for a landlord to overstep their bounds. What is uncommon, is for a landlord to repeatedly enter unwanted and unannounced under the guise of "repairs," to sabotage a tenant's cameras and bumble around an apartment unsupervised. 

That's the situation the TikTok user Willow found herself in with her lawyer landlord Brian, and so she did what any person might do given the circumstances; call the police. 

With extensive footage showing Brian hiding himself from cameras before entering Willow's bathroom and rummaging through her refrigerator, it's hard to imagine something suspicious isn't going on. Many commenters suggested installing smaller hidden cameras to track his movements while searching for any he might have planted himself. 

"Check light and outlet fixtures for mini camera," Laura commented. "This is crazy." 

"Take him to court and move out," kashika added.

Willow has yet to post an update on her situation, but hopefully, she's able to find a new apartment soon. For peace of mind at the very least. 

@sarkero #landlordsfromhell keeps entering my apartment whenever he wants. Friends and family say he’s pretending to fix things. Always in my bedroom and bathroom. Police here because he blocked all my inside cameras. #policeoftiktok #landlordabusevideo ♬ original sound - Willow the WiLd Whoodle!

@sarkero Pretty sure this is when he was peeping my wine label BTW I pay for electricity btw and these are my air conditioning units he keeps touching and turning on. Trying to air the mold out musty smells #stalker #harassmentawareness #landlordabusevideo #ringcamera #willowthewildwhoodle ♬ original sound - Willow the WiLd Whoodle!

@sarkero Landlord keeps entering my apartment without cause. This video was taken after police left and cameras not blocked by him. #landlordabusevideo #ringcamera #stalker #harassmentawareness ♬ original sound - Willow the WiLd Whoodle!

@sarkero #ringcamera #landlordabusevideo #harassmentawareness #stalker ♬ original sound - Willow the WiLd Whoodle!
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