Decorated Vietnam War Hero Describes Struggle of Coming Home

Decorated Vietnam veteran and Green Beret David Christian spoke to indie documentary filmmaker David Hoffman about what it was like coming home from Vietnam, wounded and battle-scarred, and trying to fit back into society. This four-minute clip is cut from a much longer interview with Hoffman.

David was wounded seven times in Vietnam and awarded the Distinguished Service Cross or Extraordinary Heroism and two Silver Stars.

Enlisted at 17, David Christian rose through the ranks and was a commissioned officer by the unprecedented age of 18, making him the youngest CO of the 20th century. He then completed Jump School and Special Forces training before being shipped off to 'Nam where he served with the 1st Infantry Division- 75th Rangers, working behind enemy lines on Long Range Recon under Patton.

After several years of combat, Christian was medically retired at 21 -- a year after being promoted to Captain at 20 -- and sent home to the US in the early seventies where he struggled to re-acclimate. Drawing on his own struggles, David Christian worked to help other veterans find their footing after service, something he continues to do to this day at the age of 73.
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